Impact of counter-terrorism and counter-radicalisation measures on groups at risk of racism

Deadline 20th September 2018.

European Network Against Racism is seeking experienced and skilled qualitative researchers to work on a research project looking at the impact of counter-terrorism on groups at risk of racism and racial discrimination.

As the European Network Against Racism, we have observed how recent terrorist attacks in EU Member States have led to policies and practices based on collective emotions and fear rather than effectiveness. These laws, policies and practices may have a discriminatory impact on ethnic and religious minorities and migrants, however, there is a lack of data and research in this area.

In this study we plan to document the impact of terrorism related criminal and administrative measures on groups and individuals ; and gather testimonies and cases in : Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.

As compensation for the duties listed below, the researchers for each country shall receive a maximum amount of 2,500 EUR. This payment includes all the researcher’s administrative costs and taxes and when requested VAT. However, this does not include the technical expenses for carrying out the interviews and focus groups.

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